1. UKISS (유키스) message EUROPE TOUR 2014 - Moscow London Paris

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    안양에 삼촌 가게와서 지한이랑 놀고 있는중!!! 지한이….3개월만에보구..ㅠ 조타ㅋㅋ http://twitpic.com/ebnsev  http://twitpic.com/ebnsf7  http://twitpic.com/ebnsfi  @dojihan

    안양에 삼촌 가게와서 지한이랑 놀고 있는중!!! 지한이….3개월만에보구..ㅠ 조타ㅋㅋ @dojihan

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    날씨 좋~~다^^ㅎ twitpic.com/ebnfon

    날씨 좋~~다^^ㅎ twitpic.com/ebnfon

  6. U-KISS To Hold Shows In The Philippines, Cambodia, and Myanmar Following European Tour

    The “U-KISS Japan Live Tour 2014” recently came to an end when popular boy group U-Kiss held their concert finale at the Budokan Indoor Arena on the 12th.

    A representative of U-Kiss’s Japanese agency, AVEX, stated that, “U-Kiss was able to successfully finish their Japan tour with a more upgraded image even with their newest member Jun, who was able to add his own special colors to the group’s original color.”

    The agency also added that, “Japan was able to see the position and star-like qualities of K-Pop through U-Kiss and their 35 total concerts in 12 different cities… and this is something that is hard to find even in current Japanese artists.”

    U-Kiss is said to hold their very first European tour this month, visiting countries such as Moscow, London and Paris,with the unfortunate exclusion of member AJ. AJ will not be able to join the other members for the European tour due to his sudden heart surgery back in June.

    Along with the European tour this month, U-Kiss will also be holding shows in the Philippines, Cambodia and Myanmar before the busy schedules begin for their October comeback in Korea.

    Are you excited for their upcoming shows?

    Source: SBS funE + Koreaboo

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    Good night~ 잘자용!

    Good night~ 잘자용!

  8. U-KISSインタビュー スヒョン編

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    U-KISSインタビュー ケビン編

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    UKISSインタビュー イライ編

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    U-KISSインタビュー キソプ編

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    U-KISSインタビュー ジュン編

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