1. Comeback Tutorials

    First off, please read below to know the specific Korean music show calculations. There are four music shows that have awards: 

    Digital music sales (Melon, Bugs, Mnet, Soribada)
    20% Broadcast time (frequency of appearances, both TV and radio)
    10% Viewer rating (audience vote)
    5% Album sales (Hanteo, Synnara, and Hot Tracks)

    Digital music sales
    10% Album sales
    10% Global fan voting (vote online with an Mnet account)
    10% Social media score (Youtube official MV+Twitter)
    10% Broadcast score
    10% SMS voting (during the show on-air, only top 10 applies) 

    45% Digital music sales
    15% Netizen votes
    15% Music professional/expert judge rankings (MBC Music)
    15% Points on MBC music broadcast
    10% Album sales

    60% Digital music sales (Melon, Bugs, Soribada etc.)
    35% Social media score (Youtube official MV+Twitter)
    5% Mobile votes (on the free SOTY app for iOS and Android)

    韓国の音楽番組の仕組みについて (Japanese)
    Zenei Műsorok Díjai (Hungarian) 
    Tutorial Comebacków (Polish)

    [Translated Tutorials]
    Hungarian tutorials 
    French tutorials 
    Spanish tutorials 
    Portuguese tutorials 
    Thai tutorials 
    Turkish tutorials

    *Changing your IP Address on a Mac

    How can Kiss Mes help U-Kiss? 

    Buying albums
    When you buy your new album, please make sure it counts on either Hanteo, Synnara, or Hot Tracks, or have someone in Korea buy one for you. Yes24 is most recommended for buying albums. Kpoptown has been confirmed to count on Hanteo as well. Please check to make sure that the place you are buying from does count towards the Korean charts.


    Voting on MNET M!Countdown
    For some previous comebacks, we had downloading and streaming options available to foreigners too for other sites that helped the other music shows, but not anymore. Don’t let that get you down! I know we can still help out out our boys if we stick together!

    So, (for international fans) we’re mainly focused on helping the boys get an Mnet M!Countdown win.

    [Note: if you are a Korean citizen/have a Korean SSN/etc and you want the other tutorials I have access to, please message me and I’ll be glad to help you out.]

    Creating an Mnet account (English)
    Mnet 帳戶申請教學 (Chinese) 
    Criando Uma Conta No Mnet (Portugese)
    Hogyan Regisztrálj Az Mneten (Hungarian) 
    Jak Zrobić Konto Na Globalnej Stronie Nnet (Polish) 
    วิธีสมัคร M-NET ID (Thai) 

    Logging into Mnet with Facebook/Twitter (English)
    Mnetへの、ログインの方法 (Japanese)
    Mnet 用Facebook或Twitter登入 (Chinese)
    Hogyan Jelentkezz Be (Hungarian) 
    Logowanie Się Na Stronie MNET Za Pomocą Facebooka I Twittera (Polish) 

    Mnet Voting Tutorial (English)
    Mnetの投票の方法 (Japanese)
    Mnet 投票 (Chinese)
    Como Votar Na Mnet (MCountdown) (Portugese) 
    Hogyan Szavazz Az Mneten (Hungarian) 
    Głosowanie Na MNET (Polish) 


    Voting on Korean M!Countdown

    How to make an account on the Korean M!Countdown page (English) [No longer available for international fans]

    How to vote on the Korean M!Countdown (English) [Using your previously existing Mnet Korea accounts if you have any]


    Voting on Japanese M!Countdown

    Making an account on Mnet Japan


    LIVE Text Vote for M!Countdown (only if U-KISS makes Top 10 in a certain week)
    *Under maintenance 
    Mnet Text Voting Tutorial
    : I know a lot of people had problems with this last time around and it was partially my fault, I really apologize for that. But I updated this with ways that do work, so please check this out and be sure you read it carefully. You can only text vote while MNet is on air. This counts for 5%! 

    Hogyan Szavazz SMS-Ben (Hungarian)


    Voting on Show Champion

    Making a Melon Account (English) 
    Tutorial para Crear cuenta en Melon (Spanish) 
    Show Championの投票方法-melonの会員登録- (Japanese) 
    Melon hesabı açma ve MBC Show Champion için oy verme (Turkish)
    Tutorial cho Melon account (Vietnamese) 

    Voting Tutorial (English)
    Tutorial para Votar por U-KISS en MBC Show Champion (Spanish)
    Show Championの投票方法 (Japanese)
    Bỏ phiếu trên Show Champion (Vietnamese)


    Voting on Inkigayo

    Making an SBS Account (English)
    Crear una cuenta en SBS (Spanish)  

    Voting on the SOTY app (English)
    Votar por U-KISS en Inkigayo (Spanish) 


    Soribada Streaming and Downloading
    (Streaming is currently down for international fans)
    By making an account on Soribada’s Korean website, fans can stream or download songs in order to help on the charts. (Note: Stream-UKiss tutorials will be locked when U-KISS is not active in Korea.)

    Facebook Soribada app tutorial: Buying songs from Facebook’s Soribada app will also help on the charts! [This tutorial will still work]

    Creating a Soribada account (Korean site): This will require you to upload an ID (passport, driver’s license, national ID) Please note that school IDs will not work. 

    How to purchase a music card: You will need to use Internet Explorer for the payment section. You also will need a credit or debit card to pay.

    Creating a playlist on the Soribada website

    iPhone/iPod/iPad Streaming:
    Make a Korean iTunes account (for iPhone/iPod/iPad streaming)
    Using Soribada on iPhone/iPod/iPad
    Creating a playlist in the iTunes Soribada app

    *Streaming will only count on the Korean site.
    *Downloading will count on both the Korean and English site.

    Things to keep in mind while streaming [IMPORTANT]


    Bugs Streaming (1 day only)

    Bugs 1 Day Streaming Pass (Facebook required)

    1 Dia Grátis De Stream Pelo Bugs (Necessário Ter Facebook) (Portuguese)

    Como Hacer Stream En Bugs (Spanish)

    BUGS一日限定免費刷音源 教學 (使用Facebook) (Chinese)


    How to help with searches.
    It helps out somewhat to search for U-Kiss on Korean sites such as Naver & Nate! All you have to do is type in 유키스 in the search box and/or 유키스 + title song. Also, click on U-Kiss links to help! Keep in mind that doing this randomly might not help a lot, because these Korean search engines work like google, there’s millions of searches going on all the time so….
    When is the best time to search on Naver/Nate?
    When news about U-Kiss is released, day of comeback, teasers released, MV released, right after music shows (important!) and so on and so forth. Random searches when nothing is happening will most likely not do anything to help out with searches.

    This information has been carefully taken from admins LexieSunnyVikki and Domi.

    Translation credits to stream-ukiss (Soribada tutorials) + cheercheerr (Japanese translations) + jklovewindsandukiss (Chinese translations) + yaahsmaidi + u-kiss.com.br (Portugese translations) + ukiss-hungary.co.nr (Hungarian translations) + nanoumoi (French translations) + ukissSpain + elaholi (Spanish translations) + ukisspoland (Polish translations) + brannewukiss + kevinwooth.wordpress.com (Thai translations) + ergenizlenim.blogspot.com + ukissturkey.blogspot.com (Turkish translations) + imchenchen (Vietnamese translations)