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    Anonymous said: Can you give a brief description of each members' ideal girl?

    Xander’s ideal type: can understand his attitude, always there for him, curly hair[original] and brown eyes[original]

    Eli’s ideal type: as sweet and romantic as him, looks do matter, simple and can love him with all her heart. Tall girls. A girl with a sweet personality, who works hard. When she shows her little considerate side or kindness. A kind of girl with a good personality, and that her appearance is pretty too. On the other hand, his ideal type is not a girl who can’t greet others properly, and someone who doesn’t have basic manners isn’t beautiful.

    Kevin’s ideal type: sweet, loving, soft hands, funny like him and will never break his heart. Someone cheerful who laughs a lot, and can understand him. He likes girls that will listen to what he has to say and are good listeners. He also thinks that someone is beautiful when they don’t have two faces and you feel their pureness.

    Kibum’s ideal type: can pack and prefer food for him, friendly, as serious as him and can control him when he’s angry. In celebrities, Kim Tae Hee.

    Dongho’s ideal type: friendly, will care for him so much, not a liar and a copycat, cute and loving to him. He says that looks are a 6 and personality is a 4. His ideal is a girl who’s 168 cm (5’5”) and 45 kg. (99 lbs) Also she needs to have beautiful hands.

    Kiseop’s ideal type: same fears as he has, sweet and loving, cooks food for him and can love him forever. Girls who are so delicate that he can wrap his arms around them.

    Soohyun’s ideal type: A hardworking and loving one. Caring and friendly too. Doesn’t overdress themselves. “Every girls have hidden beauties behind their smiles.” Someone who respects their parents and their elders. Looks wise, a girl who has pretty eyes and who has dimples when she smiles. He doesn’t really like girls who act too prim. During meals, a person who doesn’t pay too much attention to how they look and eats naturally is good.

    Hoonmin’s ideal type: Girls who are cute, short and good listeners. A girl that has charm is beautiful and cute. Also, he wants to protect that girl so a shorter girl would be better.

    Jaeseop’s ideal type: Girls who are intelligent. He doesn’t care what anyone says about her looks as long as he likes her. Even if he’s the only one who thinks she’s pretty.

    source: 111214 U-KISS Interview with Oricon Style
    source: 120725 U-KISS Interview with Oricon Style

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