1. U-KISS Trip To Indonesia Postponed, Members To Donate Their Personal Belongings

    Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta is to have hosted U-KISS’ attendance for their 2-day activities tomorrow. However, Jakarta to have been under a major damage caused by a great flood, the U-KISS Showcase & Fan Party in Jakarta held by Oppa Oppa Live has been postponed to April 26-27, 2013 instead of this week.
    Kiss Me’s who has prepared their tickets whether to have be in location in the city or from overseas, a statement from the organizer CEO Kim Young Hoon was released yesterday, stating that “It was a difficult decision because we realized how big the spirit and passion from U-KISS fans and also U-KISS for this event to be happen as planned. But after a long discussion, we agreed to reschedule the event for the safety and comfort of all parties and prevent the unwanted stuff later. We deeply apologize for this decision, we asked for understanding, especially from fans who have supported and look forward to this event.”

    In this unfavorable conditions of natural occurrences, it is regretted to have been postponed and with fans who are coming overseas to have ordered flight tickets to need to postpone as well.

    At this case, all members of the band - Eli, Soohyun, Kevin, Hoon, Dongho and Kiseop has given their most personal thoughts to donate to the flood victims as well as doing charity program directly in Jakarta.

    The charity program is scheduled to be held today, 1 February 2013, with members Soohyun and Kevinpresent at the location.

    As a form of concern for flooding that hit Jakarta, UKISS also will auction their personal
    items and donate. Oppa Oppa Live will also donate Rp. 10,000,- (roughly $1) from every ticket sold to slightly ease the burden of the victims of this natural disaster.
    We will work closely with trusted organizations to ensure our donation reached the right hands. In addition, some members U-KISS also decided to come in and provide direct assistance,” added Kim Young Hoon.
    Not only will demonstrate empathy appalling conditions that hit Jakarta, U-KISS also hopes to inspire fans to care and share with those who are victims of the incident.
    They have made a laudable action for showing their humanity. Please give your utmost support and love for they will extend their ubiquitous presence into Jakarta’s headlining floods and victims!
    Source: en.korea.com
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