1. jjangbaby said: does u-kiss have any other idol friends? (:

    Disclaimer: this is a subjective account written in early 2010 and should be treated as such

    I know Soohyun is friends with Jokwon (2AM), Dongwoon and Kikwang (Beast) from his days at JYP and we have seen from pics that U-KISS and 2AM seem quite close. Soohyun also seems to be good friends with 2PM, as we saw when he joined them in their Heartbeat encore. Soohyun is also fairly close friends with Heechul, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Shindong, Siwon and Donghae of Super Junior

    There was obviously the SS501 connection because of Hyungjoon and Kibum.

    Dongho is bound to be friends with some of the other maknaes on Maknae Rebellion.

    From something I just read (Be wary about the solidity of the source) Kibum is friends with Suju’s Kibum

    Turns out that Kim Kibum (U-Kiss) and Super Junior’s Kibum go to the same stylist and when they meet each other during schedules, they often chat with one another.

    Eli’s friends with a member of Rainbow and everyone else on his F1 Racing Show, like Moon Hee Jun, who he performed with at the MKMF 2007. And Kevin, Alexander and Eli are friends with Isak, Kevin because he’s known her well since January 2009 and Eli from Mid Day Break. Eli and Kibum are friends with the cast of Autumn Destiny (Mario Maurer, Chat, Ploy etc). Eli’s friends with the girl from MNET Scandal, Ji Hee.

    Dongho is friends with everyone in the entertainment industry. IBT, IMR, SSGB, SGB etc. He’s friends with Narsha and Gain. He’s friends with Eunhyuk and Leeteuk, but more like a little brother than a proper friend. He gets on really well with the coach from IBT.

    They’s all besties with Paran because they’re under the same company. In Kiss the Dream Paran make a cameo and play word games. And Kibum and Eli were in Autumn Destiny with Ryan/Jonghyuk. And Eli has commented on AJ/Jaeseop’s picture on NHM’s cyworld saying that he (Jaeseop) is Eli’s friend.

    They also get on well with F.Cuz.

    Kevin knows all of The Boss members and Junhyung from Beast because they were all members of Xing in the past.

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